The Shireoaks Inn

Indian Spices
Deal or no Deal box
Play your Cards right

Curry Night

Crazy for Korma? Mad about Madras? Why not try the Shireoaks Inn Curry Night. Every Wedneday from 5.00pm to 9.00pm a selection of authentic home made curries are available. All served with either plain-pilau rice or chips and a naan-bread

Fantastic value at Two Meals for £10!

Steak Night

The Shireoaks Sensational Sizzling Stake Night! Tender steak cooked to your taste, served with fries or potatoes and vegatebles of the day. Every Thursday from 5.00pm to 9.00pm

Amazing value at Two Meals for £12!

Quiz Night

Fancy your chances in the Shireoaks Quiz? Every Thursaday we have general knowledge and pop quizzes. Four Pints to the Winner of each!

Afterwards, its Play Your Cards Right + Deal-or-no-Deal where the Landlord takes the stage with a combination of two popular games.

Rollover Jackpots over £200 are not unknown!